Music News, Reviews and Commentary for April 20

Here is what’s happening today, updated as often as possible: Hard to disagree with the headline of this piece in The Atlantic magazine: Levon Helm was Perfect…LA Times offers a feature on Gabriela Lena Frank, who combines Latin American folk and modernismYouTube has German trouble…”Music Man Murray” owns a great name and hundreds of thousands of records…ASCAP honors Carly Simon, Trent Reznor and Peter Frampton…A review of The Essential DonovanThe hacker group Anonymous is getting into the streaming business with Anontune…Previously unreleased George Harrison recordings are going to be made available in stages, the first due on April 30…Merle Haggard addresses the state of country music at Corpus Christi’s…Jason Crabb was named both artistist and male vocals of the year at the Dove Awards for Christian and gospel music. The show will be down on April 24 on GMC, formerly the Gospel Music Channel…A rundown of the many musical events set for the Philadelphia and southern New Jersey area this weekend…The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra is set to perform Crane Palimpsest, the latest work from Gabriel Kahane…Finalists are named for the Billboard Music Awards, which are set for May 20…In an apparent attempt to give writers the opportunity to pun on variations of the word “stone,” Austin is unveiling a statue to Willie Nelson today. The AP story helpfully notes that April 20 “happens to be a national day of protest for the legalization of marijuana.”…NPR offers a story on a new Bob Marley documentary…Ford and the United Auto Workers are donating $100,000 to send the Martin Luther King High School Jazz and Marching Band to the London Olympics. The school is in Detroit…

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