Playlist: Seven Songs About Trains

[column size=one_half position=first ]trainIt’s silly to pick seven songs about trains. There are thousands of great ones.

Suffice it to say that any list of songs about trains includes lots of blues and the accompanying lonesome whistles. I’d like to listen to them all. Indeed, it’s interesting that something that holds such fascination for kids (especially boys) so often ends up being associated with sadness.

Nothing is more evocative than trains. The image of people slicing through the dark night in brightly lit parlor cars, hurtling through the lives of unknown people asleep in their beds, is highly romantic. Perhaps it creates the mood and atmosphere that leads those predisposed to the blues — which probably covers a lot of song writers — to get them. Or something like that.

This post features seven great trains songs — and here are hundreds of others.

[Editor’s Note: I initially credited Amy Winehouse with the rendition of “Blues in the Night” in the playlist. I have been told a site visitor–see the comments–that it actually is Katie Melua. Sorry for the mistake, which has been corrected. Look for a post on Melua next week. She’s great.]

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