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AC/DC: “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” and “Highway to Hell”

The start of Rolling Stone’s bio of AC/DC:

AC/DC ‘s rowdy image, giant riffs and macho lyrics about sex, drinking and  damnation have helped make them one of the top hard-rock bands in history. When  they first emerged from Australia in the Seventies, the primal simplicity of  their songs and riffs fell on deaf ears of more prog-attuned American rock fans;  in fact, they were initially marketed as a punk band. But that started to change  by decade’s end. And thanks in large part to duck-walking, knickers-clad guitar  showman Angus Young, who became as famous for mooning audiences as for his  gritty blues-based lead guitar, the group has remained one of the world’s most  dependable concert draws. AC/DC’s albums consistently go platinum, despite never  having produced a Top Twenty single in the U.S. Read more

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