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Adrian Legg: “Norah Handley’s Waltz” and “Cajun Interlude”

I wasn’t aware of Adrian Legg, but he certainly belongs alongside guitarists such as Bert Jansch, Leo Kottke and the master, John Fahey. The song above, Norah Handley’s Waltz, is not particularly fast, but Legg’s musicianship shines through. Cajun Interlude, below, showcases his virtuosity.

Here is the start of Wikipedia’s entry on Legg:

Adrian Legg is an English guitar player who has been called “impossible to categorize”.[2] He plays custom guitars that are a hybrid of electric and acoustic, and his fingerstyle picking technique has been acknowledged by the readers of Guitar Player who voted Legg the “best acoustic fingerstyle” player four years in a row (1993–1996).[3] (Continue Reading…)

He seems to blend high level musicality with technology in a manner reminiscent of Les Paul. This is from the bio at Legg’s website:

Thus began an electro-acoustic quest that continues today to find the holy guitar grail that melds tone, technique and technology to allow him to create, perform and record the music his imagination envisions, eventually incorporating synthesizers and computerized MIDI programming to augment and enrich his one-man musicality. “I wanted something that had the harmonic content roughly like an acoustic, and that had the flexibility in terms of stringing and volume levels, whatever you wanted to do, of an electric,” he explains. (Continue Reading…)