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Al Green: “Jesus is Waiting”

Few performers come close to the intensity of Al Green. Here is part of the AllMusic bio of the artist, who is as at home in the gospel and soul worlds:

The distinctive Hi Records sound that the vocalist and producer Willie Mitchell developed made Al Green the most popular and influential soul singer of the early ’70s, influencing not only his contemporaries, but also veterans like Marvin GayeGreen was at the peak of his popularity when he suddenly decided to join the ministry in the mid-’70s. At first, he continued to record secular material, but by the ’80s, he was concentrating solely on gospel. During the late ’80s and ’90s, he occasionally returned to R&B, but he remained primarily a religious performer for the rest of his career. Nevertheless, Green‘s classic early- ’70s recordings retained their power and influence throughout the decades, setting the standard for smooth soul.

Here is Greens are Chicago, Tired of Being Alone, Call Me  (Come Back Home) and Amazing Grace.