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As If We Need Another Sign of the Apocalypse


The site io9 details how a computer house at the University of Málaga in Spain is creating classical music. The story links to a video of one of those pieces, Nasciturus, which was written by Iamus in less than a second.

The story offers a quote from Gustavo Diaz-Jerez, who is a pianist, composer and a consultant to the Iamus project:

Each composition has a musical core that becomes ever more complex and evolves automatically. It starts with very complex structures inside the computer. It is very different from other computer-generated music. When people hear the phrase they imagine that you can hear the computer playing music. Iamus does something different, it projects the complexity we are growing in the computer into musical structures.

The story includes a link to more information at Diaz-Jerez’s site and the BBC.