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Diva Gash

Editor’s Note: The folks at Go-DIY Records were kind enough to post a note that TDMB welcomed new music. Several bands have sent me links and samples. My plan is to post the music in the order in which it came in and to present all or some of what the band (or its management) submits.

Next up is Diva Gash, a Colombian band. The song immediately below is White Russian. At the bottom is Masters of Love

Unless I lost it — which is entirely possible — the band didn’t send me a description. The group’s Facebook page is in Spanish…so here it is, in all it’s Google Translate glory. It’s sort of like Google is doing to language what the band is doing to old music:

Diva Gash is a “live act” e born in Bogotá, Colombia that extracts musical elements of the 1970s and 1980s such as funk, disco, rock and Latin sounds retro after reinvent generated environments ranging from easy listening grooves with attitude to party like the dance and house, experience a distinctive accent, eclectic, which has led them to be part of a new wave of international musical offerings.