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Donald Fagen’s Fourth Solo Album Tomorrow

Donald Fagen’s fourth solo album, Sunken Condos, will be released tomorrow. DJ and Huffington Post blogger Michael Ragogna interviewed Fagen and co-producer Michael Leonhart at the site.

Here is Fagen on the album title:

I didn’t think any of the individual songs had a title that worked for an album title, so I needed something suitably apocalyptic. I remembered there’s a piece by Debussy called “Sunken Cathedrals,” so I just updated it and came up with “Sunken Condos,” which, I think, could be appreciated on different levels. You can associate it with the economic problems in the world now, the sociological problems in the world, and also my own personal situation. In other words, it’s really about getting older and maybe facing some of the realities of life. I’m sixty-four now.

The audio of one of the cuts on the album, I’m Not the Same Without You, is available at Rolling Stone. This song is very reminiscent of The Nightfly.