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In Depth: Polyphonic Press On Foo Fighters’ “Sonic Highways”

Editor’s Note: The Daily Music Break is a horizontal site: We cover much of the musical waterfront, but at a relatively shallow level. (The exception is the podcasts, which get into some depth.) There is nothing wrong with that approach, but there also is no reason to not dig a bit deeper. For this reasons, we are inviting others to address areas in which they specialize.

In this video, Jeremy Boyd of Polyphonic Press takes a look at the Foo Fighters’ latest album, “Sonic Highways.”

As Jeremy explains, the album–which was released last month–is comprised of songs recorded in eight great American cities (Chicago; Arlington, VA; Nashville; Austin; Joshua Tree, CA; New Orleans; Seattle and New York City). The recordings were made at studios and/or places and with musicians associated with that city.

Below is “Something From Nothing,” the song from the album centered in Chicago. Here is the Rolling Stone review of the album.

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