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It’s Impossible to Dislike Some Songs…

…and this is one of them.

It’s “Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms,” played by a band with the great name of Johnny Roquemore & The Apostles of Bluegrass.

Some of the comments at YouTube are very funny. People like big beads.

The song has an interesting history, according to Wikipedia:

“Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms” is an American traditional song, sometimes credited to Lester Flatt or Charlie Monroe who both composed arrangements.[1][2] It seems to have developed from lyrics in the cowboy song “My Lula Gal”,[3] itself a development of bawdy British and Appalachian songs generally known as “Bang Bang Rosie” or “Bang Away Lulu”.[4][5]

I don’t want to hear the lyrics to the British versions.

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