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Johann Strauss II: “The Blue Danube Waltz”

The problem with running a site in which all great forms of music are represented is that it is easy to look like a dunce if you try to fake it.

Jazz? I know something about it. Enough to get by. Rock-and roll? Sure, I grew up with it. Country? A bit, enough to not seem dim. And certainly more than a few years ago.

Classical? Well, not so much. But much of it is beautiful and, of course, it can’t be ignored.

Even I know that The Blue Danube is one of the most recognizable standards. Composer Johann Strauss II also composed A Night in Venice which, as everyone knows, is an operetta in three acts. The libretto, of course, was by F. Zell and Richard Genée based on Le Château Trompette by Genée and Eugène Cormon. In this day and age, anyone with a browser is a genius.

Seriously, this nicely videoed version of The Blue Danube Waltz was performed by the Vienna Philharmonic and accompanied by wonderful dancing.