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Keiko Matsui: “Light Above the Trees” and “Water Lily”

HT: Richard B.

Keiko Matsui is a composer and keyboard player of smooth jazz, jazz fusion and new age. She was born in 1961 in Japan and now lives in Los Angeles.

Wikipedia says that Matsui blends western and eastern influences and takes a spiritual approach to composing:

Matsui sees music as “the great gifts from the human souls from the past, for the children of the future” [3]. She believes that music has a power to bring people together and change their lives. “We are connected by music,” Matsui wrote, “as the Ocean connects the continents” [4].

AllMusic says that major influences are Stevie Wonder, Sergey Rachmaninov, Maurice Jarre and Chick Corea.

Above is “Light Above the Trees” and below is “Water Lily.”

Wikipedia and AllMusic were researched for this post.