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Lowland Hum

Editor’s Note: The folks at Go-DIY Records were kind enough to post a note that TDMB welcomed new music. Several bands have sent me links and samples. My plan is to post the music in the order in which it came in and to present what the band (or its management) wrote — or as much of it as makes sense.

Next up is Lowland Hum. Below is the song Pocket Knife, followed by a description provided by the band.

Today, Daniel and Lauren travel the country together, writing, singing, and sharing their music and art in people’s homes and in other creative venues. They are committed to cultivating a communal experience in their performances.

Lowland Hum utilizes several creative methods to engage the senses, some of which include an illuminated art installation that travels with them and handmade lyric booklets. Their intentional artistry creates a space for audiences to breathe, listen, read, react, and fully engage with the music and each other.

Lowland Hum has recently finished tracking their first album as a duo in the early months of 2013.