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New Music: Angelina Alexon Has a Latin Heart

Angelina Alexon was born in Greece, but clearly has a Latin heart. Here is how her bio starts:

Angelina Alexon is a fresh new singer that is exploding on to the music scene. She possesses a 4 octave light lyric soprano vocal range. Her vocal range, tone and power has been compared to Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and like one of her other big influences Thalia, she sings and is fluent in Spanish, in fact she sings in 7 different languages. Angelina say’s “I am humbled to be compared to these incredible artists; they along with others have inspired me”.

Angelina is also an accomplished dancer obtaining her graceful movements and passionate Latin moves from her years of formal training in ballroom and Latin (cha-cha, salsa, mambo, rumba, bachata,etc.) Many have stated that her beautiful voice mixed together with her passionate dancing results in her being an amazing and captivating live performer. She has performed in the New York area and frequently in the Barcelona, Spain area, where she was living prior to coming to the US a couple of years ago. Before that, in her early teen years she could be seen performing throughout Greece where she was born.

More about Angelina can be found at her Facebook page.

Above “Amor Remix.”