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New Music: Freddy D

Here is the bio from new music from hip hop artist Freddy D:

Born on March 5, 1982, an artist by the name of Freddy D from Long island, Ny. Frederick Smith aka Freddy D grew up in long island where crime and drugs infested the Hempstead area. Who knew that failing in english, recieving speech classes and not having patience, being hard headed that young Freddy D would pursue on becoming a rap superstar, would you believe that he wanted to be a superstar basketball player but with so many injuries, Freddy D was left home nursing his wounds.

It was there when he discovered his passion for hip hop as his second choice looking for something to cure his boredom. Behold, Freddy D found his older brother rapper (Shelah) “boss dr-5 rhythm machine” and began making beats and writing songs. Freddy D started to record his music on cassette types, it wasn’t before long a tape got out which created a slight buzz and landed in the hands of “The Smith Brothers”-Joe Smith who at the time was working for Kedar Massenburg. Joe gave Freddy D the motivation on conitinuing his music career as well as his mother “Marshall Smith” (Decease) who Sung in the gospel group with Brother Charles Cooke and The Nu Zionares.

Freddy D would watch his Mom practice and hand out flyers to her shows. It is to be known that with strong religous faith, it helped guide Freddy D through very tough times. His mom was the greatest and strongest impact in his life. “Dont let nothing discourage you, things don’t happen over night” is what his mother told him before she passed. Being the second youngest of six boys, Freddy D really mastered his craft and is suited to be a well known, house hold name.

Now and days after consistently chasing his dream of being “The Biggest SuperStar In The Planet” Freddy D just recently Released his independent album (Humble Beginnings) on itunes and Google Play. The first single “Let Me Be” Featuring (Akila K)another unsigned artist is currently going Viral (2014) via internet being shared by hip hop fans around the world, Averaging 40% increasing fans per week. This artist has the karisma and style to make the world smile, with the positive flow thats going on right now from life, music, and fans for Freddy D, everything was and still is a humbling experience.

Above is “Let Me Be” by Freddy D featuring Akila. Here is his Facebook page and Twitter feed.