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New Music: Morning Sun & The Essentials

The song above is “Canopy.”

This is from the band’s Facebook page:

Singers Phil Grajko and Michel Aubertin met in an NYC studio in the summer of 2010. Within ten minutes, they were jamming out to a duet of Bob Marley’s “Stir It Up.” Within a week, they were laying the groundwork for what would become their debut EP Love Agenda, and recruiting a band to back them up. Morning Sun & The Essentials was born.

Grajko, born and raised in upstate NY, and Aubertin, a native of the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, couldn’t come from more opposite cultures, yet when they’re voices lock, you’d swear they’d been singing together since birth. It is this unity and bond that is at the heart of Morning Sun’s message and unique sound: Though seemingly separate, we are all one.

With unforgettable melodies and uplifting lyrics, Morning Sun & The Essentials are bringing a new energy to the classic reggae vibration. Keep your eyes open, the fire is growing.