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Nils Lofgren: Delivery Night

A guest post from a friend:

Nils Lofgren is a Maryland-raised singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist best known for his work as a guitarist for The E Street Band. Lofgren actually first came to “prominence” as a 17-year-old guitarist and pianist on Neil Young’s acclaimed 1970 album After the Gold Rush.

In addition to his work with Neil and Bruce, Nils has had a long and perhaps frustrating career as a front man (Grin) and solo act (various iterations of the Nils Lofgren band). Given his prodigious talent, flamboyant stage presence (a gymnast, until recent hip replacement surgery he was known for use of a trampoline and performing flips during guitar solos and illustrious list of rock and roll superstar sponsors, Nils profile remains surprisingly low.

Nils’ feelings about his industry status can only be inferred from comments he has made during performances and interviews regarding the lack of a recording contract: “The good thing about not having a recording contract is that no one tells you what to play”. He also has to deal with the expense of taking a four piece band on the road, the difficulty of getting his music on television (a notable exception was the closing music to episode seven of season three of The Sopranos) and the size of the venues played (“This is a pretty roaring band for such a small place.”)

Delivery Night is uniquely Nils’ in that his hard edged pop-rock sound and haunting vocals lead into a guitar solo that is simultaneously ripping and melodic. It is also one of the few modern rock tunes that use the phrase “wet dreamed” as a verb.