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Old and Not in the Way

Earlier today I posted about the upswing in the sale of old fashion vinyl records. Here’s another note that should make the older folks among us (including me) feel a bit better. The Dallas Observer reports that Nielsen Soundscan has found that for the first time that what are considered old records are selling more than new ones:

The first six months of the year saw sales of 76.6 million catalog records–industry-speak for albums released more than 18 months ago–compared to 73.9 million current albums.

That’s not to say that albums from Jefferson Airplane and Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs are flying off the shelves. It’s sort of a statistical thing. Older records are dropping more quickly in price, there is no new blockbuster and, as the quote indicates, some of the albums considered old actually are fairly recent. The death of Whitney Houston led to a spike in sales of her music as well.