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Patti Smith: “Dancing Barefoot” and “Gloria”

It’s really not correct to say that one thing is more unique than another. Unique is binary: The thing either is unique or not. That said, it’s safe to say that there really aren’t many acts as unique as Patti Smith’s.

Smith was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2007. Here is the beginning of her bio:

In 1975, rock and roll caught a glimpse of what lay ahead when Patti Smith—a bohemian New York poet and punk-rock artiste—released her debut album, Horses. Its inspired garage-band amateurism flew in the face of increasingly slick rock production values. Smith’s lyrics were street poetry that nodded toward Beat Generation and French symbolist poets, as well as literate rockers like Jim Morrison and Lou Reed. (Continue Reading…)

Here is Smith’s website and dates of her current tour. Note that she is playing with Neil Young & Crazy Horse in Port Chester, New York, on Sept. 2.

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