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Pedal Steel Funk

Thanks to my friend Tim for letting me know about Robert Randolph and the Family Band.

A couple of paragraphs about the band’s new album, We Walk This Road, provides good insight into what the band is about:

[Producer] T Bone Burnett shared the vision of how gospel, blues and rock could be put together in a way that could relate to my history and connect to my present. It was important to us that we make the record we wanted to make, even if the end result was unclassifiable. We just focused on making great songs and great music that spoke to me, and that reflected the way I try to speak to the world.

We recorded We Walk This Road over about two years, after T Bone had finished his record with Alison Krauss and Robert Plant. We went into the studio with virtual libraries of songs, whole volumes worth of material to go through. T Bone brought in old archival songs from the twenties and thirties and many of them were in the public domain. I had songs that I had written with the band, or that other artists had sent me, and we sat down and starting sifting through history. (Continue Reading…)

Above is the electric Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That and below is I Need More Love.

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