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Peter Lang is a Brilliant Guitar Player

This is how good Peter Lang is: 1. He recorded for Tacoma Records and 2. One of the projects he was involved in there was a record with two other guitarists: Leo Kottke and John Fahey.

In some cases, folks on YouTube take a full length concert and post each song individually. This happened to a 2007 Lang concert. All the tracks I listened to are great. He is a very likable and chatty guy, to boot. It’s a bit frustrating: I found myself just wanting him to play.

Above is “Guitar Rag” and below is “Quetico Reel” and “Poor Howard.” Below is “Steel Guitar Rag.” He doesn’t do too much talking in these two clips. He’s simply a superb guitarist. Many folks can speak better to his technical skills, which I am sure are prodigious. Anyone with ears can hear his feel and sensitivity. Here is more.