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Phil Chevron: June 17, 1957-October 8, 2013

I’m sorry that the site neglected to mark the passing on October 8 of Phil Chevron, the lead guitar player of The Pogues.

Here is part of The Los Angeles Times’ obituary, which was written by Randall Roberts:

Best known for writing the Pogues’ anthemic story-song, “Thousands Are Sailing,” Chevron became a central player in a band co-founded by MacGowan, tin whistle player Spider Stacy and banjoist Jem Finer. Chevron entered the Pogues just in time to work on their classic second album, “Rum, Sodomy & the Lash,” the Elvis Costello-produced work that confirmed the band’s import and stands as one of the great rock albums of the 1980s. (Continue Reading…)

Above is a version of the song recorded in New York City in 2009. The quality is middling, but it’s a good showcase of Chevron, whose real name was Philip Ryan.