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Podcast: A Chat With Rupert Wates

A Conversation with Rupert Wates:

Rupert Wates is a singer/song writer from London who now lives in New York City. This is from the profile at his website:

He has been a full-time songwriter since the late 1990’s when he signed an exclusive deal with Eaton Music Publishing. He has written songs in all kinds of styles for all kinds of artists. Wayne Slater-Lunsford, writing in Concerts In Your Home reviews, said Rupert is “one of those rare artists who leaves an audience better than he found them.” Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange considers him “a prime figure in American music who’s just biding his time until he’s discovered.” And Ryan Moore of AMP The Magazine wrote that he is “more compelling, more sympathetic and more emotionally accessible than many other modern performers.”

Check out the podcast above, in which Wates describes, among other things, his music, his influences and song writing process (it involves a couch).

The Rupert Wates Trio performs “Prayer” above and “Prisoner of the Open Road” below. The song at the beginning and of the podcast is “Drowned,” also performed by the trio.