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Podcast: A Conversation with Marisa Anderson

A Conversation with Marisa Anderson:

Marisa Anderson is a great and unique guitarist in her playing, what she writes and her choice of material to cover.

This is from her website:

Combining boundless creative imagination with a deep reverence for American folk, blues and country music, Marisa Anderson’s guitar playing is fluid, emotional, dexterous and original. National Public Radio says Anderson’s playing “exposes and hides the mysteries of American music”. Pitchfork calls her recent record, ‘Mercury’, ”Brilliant” and Wire Magazine says, “Her sound has strength in restless variety…Anderson’s playing is heartfelt and utterly American, free from grandstanding and steeped in respect for the old tradition.” Anderson’s work features improvisations and compositions inspired by Delta blues, West African guitar, Appalachian mountain music, vintage country and western, gospel, noise, rhythm, cycles, mortality, and praise. In performance, Anderson channels the history of the guitar and stretches the boundaries of tradition.

Anderson has walked across the country twice to support a couple of causes, though she describes herself “a musician with strong opinions” and not an activist. Above is “Canaan’s Land.” Below is a “Tiny Desk Concert” from NPR. I’ve set the player to start as Anderson plays her interpretation of “Hesitation Blues,” which she calls “Hesitation Theme and Variation Blues.” The song at the beginning and end of the podcast is “Sinks and Rises.”