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Run-DMC: “King of Rock” and “Christmas in Hollis”

It’s funny that one of the great early hip hop videos features David Letterman stooge Larry “Bud” Mellman.

Here is Wikipedia on Run-DMC:

Run–D.M.C. was one of the most well-known hip hop acts in the 1980s who, along with LL Cool J, signified the advent of the new school of hip hop music. They were the first group in the genre to have a gold album (Run–D.M.C., 1984) and be nominated for a Grammy Award.[1] They were the first to earn a platinum record (King of Rock, 1985), the first to earn a multi-platinum certification (Raising Hell, 1986) the first to have videos on MTV, the first to appear on American Bandstand and the cover of Rolling Stone.[2] The group was among the first to highlight the importance of the MC and DJ relationship.[3][4] In 2004, Rolling Stone ranked them number 48 in their list of the greatest musical artists of all time.[4]

DJ Jam Master Jay — Jason Mizell — was murdered in 2002. The case, according to a New York Daily News story posted this week, still is unsolved. The survivors — Joseph Simmons (“Run”) and Darryl McDaniels (“D.M.C.”) — are reuniting for the FunFunFun Fest in Austin Nov. 4-6.