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Santigold: Disparate Youth

As a rule, I know very little about performers who were born after I graduated from high school. That’s the case with Santigold, who used to be Santogold but really is Santi White. She’s a very talented singer/song writer.

As an editor, I got a kick out the fact that she is featured on at least one tune (Creator) “singjaying.” I had never run into the term, but it’s a winner. I also got a kick out of of the names of notable singjayers. They include, according to Wikipedia, Eek-A-Mouse, Anthony Red Rose, King Kong, Pinchers, Courtney Melody, Lilly Melody, Eccleton Jarrett, Nitty Gritty and Yami Bolo. Dickens and Joyce would be overjoyed, and I am not kidding.

In any case, it’s great that creative and talented people such as Santigold continue to arrive on the scene. Older folks tend to want to squeeze every last ounce they can out of Neil Young, The Beatles and other oldsters. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. These folks have proven their talent for decades.

The best of them — Young, Sprinsteen, Eric Clapton and, thankfully, many others — still are growing creatively. But it’s as important, or perhaps even more important, for new talent to continue arriving. The acts are very different (even though Bob Dylan may actually be singjayng these days, it’s hard to tell), but they are connected.

Here are The Keepers, Lights Out and Santigold’s Facebook page.