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What is a Tame Impala?

Hat tip: Daniel W.

This is from Tame Impala’s website:

Tame Impala is the movement in Orion’s nebula and the slime from a snail journeying across a footpath. To humans however, Tame Impala is more of a ‘music ensemble’, but its various other forms should not be disregarded (colour that humans can see is only a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum, the rest is just as important to other things!)

Tame Impala make psychedelic hypno-groove melodic rock music. It’s intended for moving one’s body to, and it’s intended for keeping still and observing other forms of movement. It’s bombastic but it’s swirling, think of the shoulder bones of a giant striding feline creature through some kind of tunnel. If Tame Impala’s music reminds you of what you’d want to put on when you next visit your mind’s engine room then they’re happy. If not, whatever, it’s just music. Put it on when the sun next shines. Basically it’s all about the feeling

As an editor, I noticed that the last sentence didn’t have a period. As a 58 year-old, I noticed that I have only a vague idea of what the writer is talking about and that its not particularly important that I do.

The band was formed in Perth, Australia in 2007. Above is “Solitude is Bliss.” The YouTube posting says that there is a Led Zeppelin intro. Help on the name would be appreciated. Below is “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards.” Both have vintage British rock feels to them.