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New Music: Dan Weber

The Daily Music Break was supposed to feature a podcast with country singer/songwriter Dan Weber today. We were halfway through recording it when my computer made some strange noises and the screen went blank. Or, more precisely, reverted to looking likes its great grandfather, a blue screen with white lettering from a 1970s movie.

So, instead, here are two tunes from Dan. The total meltdown of my technology actually was preceded by a couple of partial meltdowns. Dan was a great sport about the whole thing.

I’ll record the podcast with him—hopefully this week. If so, I’ll post it next Monday.

Dan started in the music business relatively late in life. He’s won several awards and has an album out.

I’d tell you more of his story, but he is tremendous at telling his own and those of the people he meets. He does this both in his songs and in his conversations with audiences before he gets down to playing. So I’ll wait to rerecord the podcast and let him tell the story himself.

Above is “Hank and Jesus” and below is “Oh, Woody.”

The homepage photo was taken by Sharman Smith.

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