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Vinyl has made a huge comeback. Many consider the sound better and, for the older generation, there is a world of nostalgia in those grooves. Liner notes and cover art, lost arts in the world of CDs and streaming, add a dimension. The following sites focus on equipment, records or both.    

AVTech Media
The Home Tech Network has been renamed AVTech Media Americas, and comprises the U.S. audio, video and photography brands for MyTimeMedia.

Our readers are upscale men, women and families interested in cutting-edge imaging, technology and the world of hi-fi. They rely on AVTech Media Americas for the latest in photography, audio, video, headphones, computer audio, surround sound, movies, music, and everything needed to create a complete entertainment experience.

Brands include Stereophile, Sound & Vision, Shutterbug, AnalogPlanet and Photographic. Each of these titles features a roster of industry-leading editors, writers, and production staff.

Stereophile and Sound & Vision are offered as both print and iPad-ready subscriptions, and all brands have their own websites.

Fat City Turntables
Detailed expert buying guides designed to help vinyl record lovers of all kinds make informed decisions about products.

Devoted to Vinyl
… So, I decided to created Devoted to Vinyl in an attempt to simplify things for the uninitiated.  From understanding where to buy vinyl records, to finding the best turntable to fit your needs, to properly taking care of your record collection, I wanted Devoted to Vinyl to be the helpful resource that I would’ve appreciated when I started getting into the hobby.

Vinyl Restart
Vinyl Restart is an online resource dedicated to help new and experienced vinyl and Hi-Fi lovers enjoy their journey in vinyl and home stereo.

Vinyl Restart gives advice on buying the right equipment, setting it up, using it, maintaining it, upgrading it, and modifying it.

Our core values are to give honest, unbiased advice to help you get the most out of your hobby and passion without doing unnecessary mistakes or spending more money than necessary.

Crazy for Vinyl
Buy cheap used vinyl records LPs online from Crazy for Vinyl. Did you just purchase a turntable, and now you need to fill your LP collection? Thrift stores and estate sales are a great place to find albums. Brick and mortar record stores are ideal, but sometimes they are not located in your area, or it’s hard to find a good price on that hard-to-find vinyl. COVID-19 pandemic has us all locked up right now, and there’s not many options to purchase vinyl except for online.

World of Turntables
World Of Turntables is a website dedicated to all turntable and record players lovers. We try to maintain a certain level of professionalism in a way to write turntable tests and reviews, so we can bring up close some turntable brands and models.

We write about turntables in various price ranges, so we have articles about turntables under 100$turntables under 200$, turntables under 300$, turntables under 500$, turntables under 1000$ as well as some vintage turntables.

Best Turntables
Best Turntables is a website that publishes information and reviews related to turntables and record players. We seek to provide high quality tips and tutorials in choosing the best turntable for beginners, DJs and vinyl enthusiasts.

Best Turntables was started by Lawrie, a vinyl record afficionado and technological nerd with a penchant for always having the new best thing. Having been collecting records for years, and with an evolving passion for audiophilia, Best Turntables became a way to let others know of the current happenings in turntables and record players. He is well renowned for not being able to keep his opinions to himself.

Record Sound Pro
Our goal is to help you explore the world of audio and vinyl. We want to help everyone, from beginners to audiophiles and everything in between by providing them with information, tips and guides. We use our experience, on-hand expertise and reliable sources to provide you with most practical information.

Best DJ Gear
The Best DJ Gear Team has the primary task to bring you detailed and accurate information about the latest news, reviews, and insights into the world of DJing, mixing, producing, and presenting music live in the club.

We hope you’ll find our posts exciting and useful. We strive to post content of value with deep expertise alongside our honest and unbiased opinion regarding every product mentioned on the blog. If you have a related topic in mind that you think we should cover and share with the community, or some feedback on any aspect of the site, we’d love to hear from you!

Sarah Vaughan

Vinyl Vintage
Welcome to Vinyl Vintage, a place dedicated to vintage audio and the finer things in your audio life. On this site you’ll find all sorts of info and evaluations of assorted products that make up the various parts of a proper vintage audio setup. I started this site to bring together all the information I think you’ll need to enter the world of vintage vinyl audio. I have tried to make everything here as accessible as possible.

Soundmax Pro
We are passionate Audiophiles from the Industry with years of experience with sound equipment. SoundMaxPro is our medium to share our experience with you!

Record Player Pros
The #1 Site for Everything Audio

Top Record Players
I loved my store, but unfortunately, I had to close it a few years back. There simply wasn’t enough demand in my area for record players. Especially not vintage and antique units, which is what I mostly sold. Once the internet took off, anyone who wanted a record player simply went online to get it. It was easier and the prices were better. There was no way I could match Amazon.

So I closed up shop, but I always wanted to get back into it somehow. Teaching music to kids is great, but I also wanted to do something that focused on vinyl. That’s why I started this site.

My Audio Lover is best internet reference for audiophiles looking to purchase new equipment or just to keep up to date in a constantly changing industry. We are building a knowledge base for all things sound and audio related — including product reviews, comparisons and recommendations, and how-to tech hacks.

Sound Maximum
SoundMaximum is an independent online publication aiming to deliver the best quality content for audiophile and producers. It is your one-stop destination for all your audiophile needs.

Founded in Sep 2016, our blog has attracted over 3 million+ pageviews and read by people all around the world.

Audio Philez
Here at Audiophilez, we aim to provide sound and audio lovers with the best in budget-friendly audiophile delights, with a few ‘stretch the budget’ options. From bass-heavy headphones and speakers that enhance and round your sounds to studio monitors that present sound perfectly as it is, retaining clean, flat frequencies — we’ve got you covered.

Colored Vvinyl Records
Vinyl records are a unique collectable form of music, they are fun and offer a great listening experience. If you are looking to add a new special item to your record collection or want to surprise someone with an exclusive gift, you can find one by browsing our growing collection of colored vinyl and rare, unique records.

HiFi Reference
All products in our reviews are independently chosen by us and tested under our conditions, this guarantees you a straightforward report and our unbiased opinion.

It is our wish that that you will benefit from the documentation of our experiences, consequently providing more confidence in the constantly changing world of electronics.

Top Vinyl Turntables
Hi, I am Walter’s white and passionate music lover. I have been love in with turntable since my grandfather brought one for me That was not automatic like these days. However Now I have more than 20+ turntables and friends who are also passionate about this great piece of machine one of them is also a DJ. For that, I have a great experience with this awesome record player. Beside i will share my vast knowledge on other musical instruments like speaker, receiver, amplifier, DVD an cd player.

So I have decided that why not share my experience with people so they can have this outstanding device have the test of sweet sound.  so in this blog, I will share my all experience and expertise so I can have a perfect turntable.

Turntable Kitchen
Turntable Kitchen is a site connecting food and music, born in a foggy Inner Sunset, San Francisco apartment and now based in Seattle. Run by an inspired couple: Kasey (also known as Ksenya) and Matthew, we feature recipes with a focus on local, fresh ingredients, hand-selected ‘Musical Pairings,’ album reviews and musings on our city livin’ and country hoppin’ adventures. Most importantly, we aim to introduce food lovers to music and vice versa. In addition to our online features, we offer three record of the month clubs: the Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box, a food and music experience, Coffee & Vinyl Pairings, and SOUNDS DELICIOUS, a vinyl record club for full-length cover albums.

Vinyl and Cocktails
Good Music Paired with Good Cocktails

Audio Stance
At Audiostance, we review various audio gear and compile lists of the best products currently on the market. Our goal is to make things easier for you when trying to find the best product. To do this, we look at a combination of expert analysis, product comparison, and industry data to compile our list of the very best.  We do all the research, so you don’t have to!

Scat Records
Scat Records is a place for people who enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound. We promise to bring you the most complete information and buying guides for your sound journey.

The Vinyl Revivers
Russell Katz created “The Vinyl Revivers” with the hope of introducing a new generation to vinyl records, and how inspirational listening to good music, through good equipment, can be.

Our New Things: Links to Music Sites and Info on Analog Tech and Vinyl

TDMB has focused on music and musicians. We will continue to do that, of course. We're also expanding our coverage to include vinyl and analog equipment.

More specifically, we'll look at this huge and interesting world from the perspective of music lovers who want a better experience, not committed non-audiophiles.

Check out is some of what we've written so far:

-- Assessing the Value of Vinyl Records: An Overview

-- 7 Quick Tips on Optimizing Your Turntable Cartridge

-- Why Vinyl Records Continue to Thrive

-- Finding the Best Amplifier

-- Finding the Best Phono Preamp

-- What Speakers Do I Need for My Turntable?

Check out more articles on analog equipment and vinyl.

The site also is home to The Internet Music Mapping Project, an effort to list and describe as many music-related sites as possible.

Our Music

--A Tribe Called Quest to The Dick Hyman Trio (In other words, A to H)

--Indigo Girls to Queen Ida (I to Q)

--Radiohead to ZZ Top (R to Z)

Reading Music

The stories of the great bands and musicians are fascinating. Musicians as a group are brilliant, but often troubled. The combination of creativity and drama makes for great reading.

Here are some books to check out.

Duke Ellington brought class, sophistication and style to jazz which, until that point, was proudly unpolished and raucous. His story is profound. The author, Terry Teachout, also wrote "Pops," the acclaimed bio of Louis Armstrong. Click here or on the image.


What else is there to say? Here is the story behind every song written by The Beatles. Click here or on the image.


The Grateful Dead don't get enough credit for the profound nature of its lyrics. Many of the band's songs are driven by a deep and literate Americana ("I'm Uncle Sam/That's who I am/Been hidin' out/In a rock and roll band" and "Majordomo Billy Bojangles/Sit down and have a drink with me/What's this about Alabama/Keeps comin' back to me?").

David Dodd's exhaustive study tells the story, song by song. Click here or on the image.

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