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Editor’s note: Are you a solo performer or in a band? Friends of a band? Do you manage a music act? If so, contact to discuss posting a video such as the one above. Miratti is the first of what I hope will be a steady stream of young and upcoming artists to use The Daily Music Break as a platform.

Miratti – which means “In the Target” – was formed in 2010 in Kansas City. The members of the pop, dance, Latin and crossover band are Monica, Raul, Manny and Claudia. The band writes its own music in Spanish and English.

The band is fourth on the Latin House Charts in the Latinos Unidos Record Pool for November and December, according to Nelson Martinez, the CEO of Trigga Entertainment. Trigga is the band’s record label.

Martinez said that the group has opened for Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias and others. It is actively promoting the single “La Noche Provoca” and working on its next album with producers such as DJ Cubanito and Klubjumpers.

More information can be found at the group’s Facebook page.

  • Carl, this is simply a Masterpiece for new and talented recording artists that could use this as a platform like you mentioned in enhancing their careers. I always look at the millions of talented artists that are on top of a funnel and only those that are given the break, knows someone in the industry and/or simply has allot of money that only make it through the tiny opening at the bottom of the funnel. Unfortunately that’s life, but by creating another avenue that you brought to your website such as the V-Blog these artists can now introduce themselves in person as you will watch and get to know them personally. This is history my friend and without even asking for money up front. I hope & pray that people take advantage on what door you just opened for them and recognize you mentally on who you really are in your passion for the love of music!

    Thank you.

    Yours truly,


    • Carl

      Thanks again, very much, Nelson. I hope that you are right, and that lots of artists take advantage. We’ll see. Again, I appreciate your very kind words.

      • Paul Richards

        Great! Congrats on launching this idea!

  • Carl

    Thanks Paul! It was your very good suggestion…

  • Wow, it sounds great, and love the energy of the band! 🙂

    • Carl

      I totally agree. Thanks for the comment…

  • A great window for new bands! A very nice idea to present to the audience good artists…congrats!

    • Carl

      Thanks Mari…Pls. pass the word to any bands that you know.

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