New Music: Mauro

The SoundCloud above is “making Love 2 U” It is from Mauro, a Bolivian musician. Here is part of what he says about himself:

I started singing and composing music very young, and released my first independent album “Mauro: Just Songs” (10 songs) at age 10, the second album released at age 12 called “Living With Music” (12 songs) singles like “Are you for me, or not?” “Raining On Me”, “Break Away”, “You’ll be Mine Forever” became the strength of my art at that time. Original pop music in english/music & lyrics by Mauro. I’ve been performing live in Bolivia since I was 10, and getting hired to play my songs through massive festivals, and international fairs. My music has reached audiences from New York, Los Angeles, (USA), (UK), Germany, Switzerland and Mexico. It has reached #1 spots at music platforms, international charts, and radio stations. I’ve been creating music for those lonely hearts, Within the projects and productions I’ve recorded in the states: “Dance With Me”, “Beauty Of Your Soul” and my latest production “Making Love 2 U” (a song not about the act as we know it, it’s about the struggle for human love, as I like to call it “a silver lining to all broken hearts” it’s like: give it all up, I’ll be holding you in my arms no matter what, and people seem to feel indentified with ML2U) it has gotten all this support and I’m so proud of it, of all my songs. Because I’m unsigned, my life goal is to get signed and share my music with the world and convey my message as an artist through the support of a record label.

Contact Mauro here, at his Facebook page or through The Daily Music Break.

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