The Super Bowl – Featuring the Ravens, the 49ers and Beyoncé – is Tomorrow

The Super Bowl has a long history of presenting performers who are considered past their prime. The focus is on high profile, not relevance.

Sometimes, though, acts at the top of their game have high enough profiles for the big stage. It doesn’t hurt that the stable of aging super bands that haven’t performed at the game is running thin.

That all makes Beyoncé a natural for this year. It doesn’t hurt that she is fresh off the controversy of having lip-synced The National Anthem at President Obama’s inauguration. Perhaps she should have sung it or made it clear she wasn’t. But, in the bigger picture, it seems we have a habit of being super critical of our stars — and then wondering what happened when they go off the rails.

Beyoncé sings Irreplaceable above at Glastonbury Festival 2011.

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