The Clash: “The Magnificent Seven”

Places to learn about the band are its Facebook page and blog. The two songs that will be recognized by non-fans are Rock the Casbah and London Calling.

Here is a bit from the bio from The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which inducted the band in 2003:

Quite simply, the Clash were among the most explosive and exciting bands in rock and roll history. They played a major role in creating and defining the punk movement. If the short-lived Sex Pistols were glorious nihilists, then the Clash expressed punk’s impassioned political conscience. Their explosive, uptempo punk-rock manifestos were unleashed with pure adrenaline and total conviction.

  • Soul of Wit

    For me, this is the band that said goodbye to the seventies and prog rock and disco. The best work by the Clash is lesser known songs like Police on My Back, Janie Jones, Lost in the Supermarket, Death or Glory…

  • Carl

    I’ll check those songs out. I confess it is not a band I am that familiar with, but I love the two big hits–Rock the Casbah and London Calling.

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