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Merry Christmas from WARTOAD

It’s the holiday season, so it’s time to kick back and listen to some mellow Christmas music. A contemplative, peaceful melody, perhaps. It will help you slow down, take stock and think calmly about the year winding down and the one ahead.

That’s not precisely what the above is. It’s from WARTOAD, a punk band that features a friend of mine on guitar. The serious part of the endeavor is that 79 cents from every sale of the single on iTunes or Amazon supports The Passage, a charity that helps London’s homeless.

The video is tremendous. However, perhaps next year the band will aspire to reach the pinnacle of Christmas music. We all need challenges, though this one verges on the impossible.

My friend in the band — names are verboten as they apparently are trying to steer clear of Robert Mueller — asked me to post this:

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