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Fun! Games! Snippets of Great Songs! A Little Money for Charity!

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Unlike the 1950s quiz show “Twenty-One,” TDMB’s contest is legit. We spend about the same amount of money on graphics, though.

This is the first Daily Music Break Name That Tune audio contest. And a self-graded one to boot. We trust our visitors.

As they say, this is how our game works:

Award yourself one point for knowing the artist/band, two points for knowing the song and three points for knowing the year it was released. The year before and after are good. If the song was released in 2000, for instance, 1999, 2000 and 2001 are fine. Double all those points for the bonus jazz clip at the end.

Either email me your score or put them in the comments. If there is a tie, I’ll post more clips until we have a winner.

That winner will have a $30 donation made in his or her name (or anonymously) to the non-controversial (i.e. non-political) 501(C) charity of their choice.

The artists in most cases are easy. Some of the songs are harder. If folks like the contest, we’ll repeat it for blues, country and jazz.

I hope this is fun. In retrospect, some the clips are a bit too long. Just click on the clip below if you’d like to skip ahead.



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