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What is Low Cut Connie?

Low Cut Connie is a good old fashion rock and roll band. There isn’t too much information about the group. The website is a bit sparse, so to speak. There is a audio recording of a conversation between singer/pianist/composer Adam Weiner and Elton John. Among other things, the two talk about the names they have given their pianos.


The band is from Philadelphia and was formed in 2010, according to Wikipedia. The excerpts from reviews of the group’s second album, “Call Me Sylvia,” mention Jerry Lee Lewis and quotes AllMusic’s Stephen Thomas Erlewine’s opinion that the band makes 1960s-style without sounding dated.

Most famously, the song “Boozophilia” (below) made Barack Obama’s Spotify summer play list three years ago. That’s worthy of mention both because the guy was president, after all, and any mention of his name reminds of us of a better time.

The band’s third album, “Hi Honey” received “widespread acclaim,” according to Wikipedia and was named the second best album of the 2015 by NPR/Sound Recording’s Jim DeRogatis. “Dirty Pictures (Part 1)” and “Dirty Pictures (Part 2)” were released in May 2017 and May 2018, respectively.

Above is “Dirty Water.” Check out the band’s YouTube channel. There is a lot of great and fun music there. (A personal favorite is “Death and Destruction”). A side note to “Boozophilia”: Check out Heavyball’s “The Perils of Midweek Drinking” for another recent excellent song set in a bar.

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