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Who Are You?

Hello. I’m Carl and I run The Daily Music Break.

A strange thing happened during the past couple of months. The traffic at the site has risen exponentially (my crackerjack SEO firm, Akrom Services, certainly is helping).

At the same time,the daily music break engagement (geeky talk for leaving comments below the posts, contacting via email or participating in other ways) is almost nonexistent.

That begs the obvious question: Who are you? (It also leads to a second question: Where are you? There isn’t a song that fits that so well, however, so I’ll stick with The Who.)

In any case, Are you out there? Please say hello…and let me know two other things, if you have a minute:

How can we improve the site? (Some ideas: embedded Spotify lists, contests, polls, more podcasts). Which of these — or anything else — do you think will work?

What bands, performers or genres have I missed?

I’m also interested in how you all feel about the concept in general: A site seeking to touch on all genres that makes up for the lack of technical wizardy with (hopefully interesting) commentary and context.

Pls. respond in the comments or via email.

Finally, let me know if I can send you a free newsletter every couple of weeks or so. It lists the recent posts.

Thanks, Carl

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