Our First Poll: Name the Three Greatest Electric Blues Guitarists

guitarIt seems like a good time to do something a little new. Please vote on your favorite three electric blues guitarists. If enough people vote, I’ll take the top five finishers and run them in a poll next week.

Pls. feel free, of course, to offer any comment. These can include guitarists I’ve missed and favorite electric blues songs. I may do a song poll as well.

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  • Kari Da

    Rory is one of a kind he deserves to win this poll.

  • Kari Da
  • Kari Da
  • Kari Da

    Umm, well, here is a list of my guitar heroes, very indie-based as you will find out – Mark Collins of Charlatans, Johnny Marr, Dave Gregory and Andy Partridge of XTC, Robin Guthrie, Nick McCabe of The Verve, James Dean Bradfield.

  • Thanks, Kari. The evidence that the category is vibrant is that those names will be foreign to most. There are new generations coming all the time, and great players who don’t get the recognition they deserve.

  • David Orrett

    Paul Kossoff & David Gilmour

  • Thanks David. I think that’s I’ll follow this post with two others: Guitarists who were mentioned in the comments and a poll of great blues songs (“Stormy Monday,” “Statesboro Blues,” etc….

  • Demat Mozilla

    Rory Gallagher #1 by a Million Miles….. please vote for Rory as we mourn 20 years since his passing. Peter Green should/would be at #2, and Roy Buchanan unquestionably #3

    • Afc Gunner Raheen

      smashing pic

  • Thanks, Demat. The shot below on the left certainly is a classic.

  • Afc Gunner Raheen

    rory the king and a huge back catolouge of fantastic music to boot…and immense songwriter

  • Thanks for taking time to comment, Gunner.

  • paul williams

    Peter Green no1 for me

  • And many people as well, Paul. And I am sure that they all join in hoping he’s found some peace. Thanks for responding.

  • Fernanda Carnielutti

    Rory on, forever!!! 200% feeling… pure magic. His music changed my life, and touched my soul in a way no other guitarist ever could. All my love to Rory G.

  • Thanks Fernanda. Quick question–I am getting so many votes for Rory (he was great, of course, but so are the others here) that I suspect that the post was picked up on a site dedicated to him. Could you tell me where you saw the link to this post? Thanks, Carl

    • Fernanda Carnielutti

      Yes Carlw, I saw the link for the poll on a site dedicated to him

      • Carl

        Interesting, thanks. I appreciate it.

  • Mark Davies

    Jeff Beck

  • Thanks Mark. Good one. I am wondering whether there is a line between electric guitarists and electric blues guitarists. Any thoughts? Also, if you could let me know where you saw the link to the poll I’d appreciate it. I am very curious, since I got a stronger response than I thought. Thanks very much.

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