Mohammad Rafi: “Jaan Pehchan”

If this was the only video on YouTube, it still would be a great site. Well, of course not. But it’s a great clip, which features a surf theme in an Indian musical. It goes on a bit too long, however.

The song is being used currently in a Heineken commercial. According to the comments, the song is Jaan Pehchan, the singer is Mohammad Rafi and the movie is Gumnaam. It was released in 1965. I bet that Quentin Tarantino has seen this movie.

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  1. Scott Dwight

    It was also used during the opening credits in the movie “Ghost World” 11 years ago. It got me interested in Bollywood movies. Gumnaan is like an Indian version of Agatha Christie’s “Ten Little Indians.” More useless trivia, the woman singing, Lata Mangeshkar, has been dubbing actresses for 50 years. I think she holds a record for the number of recordings she has made thru the years. She has dubbed almost 1200 movies.


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