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From the Vault: The Great Levon Helm

Editor’s Note: The Daily Music Break will increasing re-post old material, which makes sense because there is so much great music embedded in them. This particular post originally appeared on March 13, 2012. That’s about a month before Levon Helm passed away. Obviously, it would be written completely differently today. But, by the same token, there is no reason to change it. I did rewrite the headline and make another small edit.


It’s hard not to like Levon Helm. The Band was said to be one of the most important in rock and roll history. I never really got that, but it didn’t mean I didn’t like them. Helm also is a cancer survivor, plays in schools to get kids interested in music and, from the looks of things, is an all-around good guy. It’s interesting that the people perceived to be nice seem to have the most sustained and successful careers.

Here is Helm’s band playing The Band song Ophelia.

It’s a terrific band. Here it is playing the Grateful Dead song Tennessee Jed on the Letterman show. Finally, here is a great clip from The Last Waltz of The Band doing The Weight with The Staple Singers.

Levon Helm Discography