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Send More Chuck Berry

(The Daily Music Break periodically re-posts content from earlier in the life of the site. This post, which has been tweaked due to the disappearance and reappearance of the video, originally posted on March 18, 2012.)

Old joke:

NASA, in an effort to make contact with civilizations on other planets, sends a rocket into space packed with cultural items and a planetary map showing our location. There are great novels, reproductions of famous artwork, music recordings, histories of mankind, movies and assorted other things on board. A few years later a rocket lands on earth. It contains an envelope and, inside, a piece of paper with strange markings on it.

The government pulls together a team of the greatest scientists and linguists to figure out what it says. After six months, the lead researcher calls the president and says they have broken the code. The president says, “Great, what is the message?” The researcher pauses and says, “They want us to send more Chuck Berry.”

The good thing about the joke is that you can plug in any artist. I think of it as a Chuck Berry joke only because that’s how I first heard it.

Above is a good version of “Promised Land.” Below is “C’est la Vie” (the song featured in Pulp Fiction) from the early 1970s. Here’s Berry’s website and a nicely done discography.

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