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Excellent Piece on Levon Helm

My friend Steve Karras–who also was a great friend to my father–has written a terrific piece about the full circle that was the life of Levon Helm. Here is a snippet:

Indeed Helm, who died on April 19th, lived to tell a story, though it reads more like a parable: the cotton farmer’s son who lit out of Arkansas to play rock n’ roll, whose storied climb to fame-and fortune was followed by an equally dramatic descent into heartache and uncertainty after a series of bad choices and betrayal.

Please check it out at Web2Carz.

Above is the great and rather odd lineup of Helm, Rick Danko, Dr John, Ringo, Billy Preston and Clarence Clemmons performing The Weight. The comments say it is Ringo’s first all-star touring band. It must have been a blast.

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