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Joe Russo’s Almost Dead

H/T: Ed A.

Anything is complicated if you think about it long enough. Take tribute bands, for instance.

In some cases, it’s easy. But what about a Grateful Dead tribute band? Of course, many bands can do a terrific “Box of Rain” or “Sugar Magnolia.” But, at a deeper level, the Grateful Dead were the prototype jam band. That meant that the music changed from show to show. So the tribute band has to copy what in essence was meant never to be the same from one performance to the next anyway.

Of course, it’s also possible to just shut up and enjoy the music.

These folks are Joe Russo’s Almost Dead. This video is “Scarlet Begonias” and “Fire on the Mountain.” I am no musician, but they seem to be the class of the Dead tribute bands. The sense I get is that they are doing something original with the music, not just trying to sound like Jerry and the boys. They also show a tremendous amount of exuberance, which really is the key ingredient.

In fact, Bob Weir sat in which them, which pretty much seals the deal.