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k.d. lang: “Hallelujah” and “The Valley”

This is from AllMusic’s bio of the distinguished singer:

When k.d. lang released her first major-label album in 1987, she caused considerable controversy within the traditional world of country music. With her vaguely campy approach, androgynous appearance, and edgy, rock-inflected music, very few observers knew what to make of her or her music, although no one questioned her considerable vocal talents. That confusion never quite dissipated over the course of her career, even when she abandoned country music for torchy adult contemporary pop in 1992 with her fourth album, Ingénue. Continue Reading…

This is the bio from lang’s site:

k.d. lang is that rare performer who, over 25 years as a major-label artist, has matured before our very ears. The Western Canada native launched her career with a blend of country-rock stylings and playfully punk-like attitude, by turns whimsical and subversive; back then, she practically put the alternative in alt-country. But from the very beginning, her bravura singing belied her kitschy cowgirl outfits and spiky hair; anyone lucky enough to attend very first appearance in the United States, on a triple bill of unsigned artists at New York City’s Bottom Line, could hear that she was marked for greatness. Continue Reading…

Below is The Valley and above is an intense, terrific rendition of the Leonard Cohen song Hallelujah. As the poster at YouTube points out, Cohen was in the audience — the event his induction into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2006 — and the interaction between the two at the end is worth seeing.