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Parliament Funkadelic: “Give Up the Funk”


I don’t really understand it, from the spaceships landing and the guy in the diaper, but it all is very funky and the musicianship is great.

Believe it or not, Duke University has a Q and A on the band. Parliament and Funkadelic, it seems, are two distinct groups headed by George Clinton. Now I think I get it. I often heard the two run together, as Parliament Funkadelic.

Here is an example of the Q&A, which is weirdly formatted:

8. What are the various aliases P.Funkers have used?
RC: ‘G Cook’, a name used in a number of Funkadelic writing credits, is really Eddie Hazel. It’s actually his mother’s name, Grace Cook.
‘J S Theracon’ is a name used by Junie Morrison at a time when he was under contract to another record company but still wanted to record with Parliament.
David Spradley has gone by a number of names, including ‘David Lee Chong’ and ‘Chong Spradley.’
George Clinton is known variously as ‘Dr. Funkenstein’, ‘Dr. Funk’, ‘Mr. Wiggles’, and ‘Starchild’. These are more characters than aliases, but he has been known to use them on personnel listings on album liner notes, in lieu of his real name.
Bootsy Collins has gone by ‘Casper (the funky/friendly/holy ghost)’, ‘Bootzilla’, ‘The Player’, ‘Zillatron’, and ‘Sugar Crook’.

Editor’s Note: I don’t think the Q&A is up at Duke anymore. It seemed too good to be true.

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