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Raggy Monster

Editor’s Note: The folks at Go-DIY Records were kind enough to post a note that TDMB welcomed new music. Several bands have sent me links and samples. My plan is to post the music in the order in which it came in and to present all or some of what the band (or its management) submits.

Next up is Raggy Monster. The song is Cannibals and below that is the profile the band submitted.


Raggy Monster is an Indie Rock band based out of West Palm Beach, Florida. After playing over 100 shows, releasing their debut album and music video, Raggy is now preparing for their first East Coast tour.

The story behind the name goes back to Billy’s early childhood: Long ago, during arts and crafts time, Billy created Raggy Monster. He was his imaginary best friend/bodyguard throughout Kindergarden. Who would have guessed that more than a decade later this simple drawing would be the inspiration for the band’s name.

Nowadays Raggy Monster (The band) has been extremely busy playing shows from Miami to Orlando, and has already begun working on their next album, which promises to be “twice as good as the first.”

And here’s our Facebook page.