Playlist: Johnny Winter (1944-2014)


Sad news.

Nobody was a better guitar player than Johnny Winter. One of the things I read today — I forget where — that rings true is that Winter was a star, but not a superstar. It was most likely a conscious choice, and he probably could have done things to appeal to a wider audience. But all he wanted to do was play the blues. It’s a cliche–but almost certainly the truth.

This is from a nice appreciation by David Marchese at Rolling Stone:

In Mary Lou Sullivan’s entertaining biography, Raisin’ Cain, Winter, whose brother was multi-instrumentalist Edgar Winter (of “Frankenstein” fame), explained that, “Growin’ up in school, I really got the bad end of the deal. People teased me and I got in a lot of fights. I was a pretty bluesy kid.” That alienation, he believed, gave him a kinship with the black blues musicians he idolized. “We both,” he explained, “had a problem with our skin being the wrong color.” (Continue Reading…)

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  1. Hustled Down in Texas 3:32
  2. Memory Pain 5:40
  3. 38-32-29 Blues 2:18
  4. Stray Cat Blues 4:20
  5. Dust My Broom 4:29
  6. Parchman Farm 2:43
  7. I Hate Everybody 2:34
  8. I Love Everybody 3:34

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