Duke Ellington and Jimmy Stewart

In a post about Henry Mancini earlier this week, I linked to an iMDB bio that mentioned the relationship between jazz and movies.

Along those lines, check out this clip of Duke Ellington and Jimmy Stewart in the movie Anatomy of a Murder. Considering that the movie was made in 1959, it’s an amazingly forthright treatment of sex and violence. The music is very cool, to boot.

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  1. Scott Dwight

    Excellent clip, tho I’m a little bothered by Ellington’s character name “Pie Eye”.

    Great movie with an outstanding cast!!

  2. Carl

    Thanks Scott. I didn’t have any reaction to the name Pie Eye except that it seemed a bit lame considering how cool the rest of the movie is. But if it has a negative connotation of which I am unaware, that bothers me too. I believe the Ellington character in the movie owned the bar in which they were, though I’m not sure of that.


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