The Kinks: “Low Budget”

It doesn’t pay to list all The Kinks hits, which include Sunny Afternoon, Lola, You Really Got Me, All the Day and of the Night and on and on. From the AllMusic profile:

Although they weren’t as boldly innovative as the Beatles or as popular as the Rolling Stones or the Whothe Kinks were one of the most influential bands of the British Invasion. Like most bands of their era, the Kinks began as an R&B/blues outfit. Within four years, the band had become the most staunchly English of all their contemporaries, drawing heavily from British music hall and traditional pop, as well as incorporating elements of country, folk, and blues.

Here is the band’s official site, and an unofficial one.

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  1. Soul of Wit

    Although the Kinks are best known for their late-sixties hits, I’m a big fan of their output from 1977-1984. “Low Budget” is from a 1979 album of the same name. I also like 1981’s _Give the People What They Want_, with highlights like the title track and “Destroyer”.


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