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It’s 2 Degrees in New York, So Here is Some Jimmy Buffett

It’s essentially an endless winter in the northeast, so it certainly doesn’t hurt to enjoy some Jimmy Buffett music.

In most cases, I try to find somewhat lesser known clips of popular artists. After all, why hear the same tune for the millionth time? But, to be honest, “Margaritaville” and “Cheeseburger in Paradise” are such great tunes and conjure up such nice visions of relaxing on a beach with nothing to worry about except what to drink and where to go for dinner that these were the best choices. In addition, the video of “Margaritaville,” which feature the”Parrotheads” (the term for Buffett fans) happily jumping around in the big pool, is just what we need right about now.

Which all goes to show that in his laid back, laconic manner, Jimmy Buffett is quite an artist. He writes songs that do a great job of reinforcing his image and really seems to be enjoying himself on stage. As with anybody who does anything really well, it seems effortless. He isn’t Bob Dylan and he isn’t Leonard Cohen. And that’s just fine.

There is more to Buffett than the music. The profile at Wikipedia says that he is a successful writer, owns a couple of restaurant chains and is in the clothing business. AllMusic notes that Buffett didn’t release a lot of new music in the 1980s and 1990s. There was a lot of touring, live albums and compilations. His fans filled the seats and he cultivated his businesses.

Buffett was born in Mississippi, raised in Alabama and has homes on St. Barts and Long Island.

Wikipedia and AllMusic were used to write this post. Photo: U.S. Navy